Alex Garcia del Bosque


I am a born and raised Mexican entrepreneur living in Palo Alto. I've been living here since late 2012.

Currently working as an Innovation Scout at the Business Innovation team of Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America in Silicon Valley.

Previous to Mercedes, I was the CEO & Co-founder of Staytuned, a mobile app that was building a personal app concierge. A system that changed the User Interface of your phone based on your context (learned from your habits and context and showed you the most relevant apps, e.g. while driving, at home, at the office, etc.).

I have a strong financial and international background, big fan of data and in a serious relationship with Excel, although I'm also attracted to SQL. I also love HTML and CSS, and pretty much anything from Adobe (photoshop, dreamweaver, fireworks).

I've previously worked as Innovation & Business Development Director at QualityPost Labs, the innovation arm of the #1 last-mile delivery provider in Mexico, analyzing the on-demand growing industry and other innovative businesses that could be replicated in Mexico and LATAM.

Previously, I worked at the German Accelerator in Palo Alto and at Cartagena Capital in as an Invesment Banking Analyst in Munich and Silicon Valley. Before that, I did my first internship in Investment Banking at Seale Associates in Washington DC.

I studied Financial Management and Entrepreneurship at Monterrey Tech a.k.a ITESM in Monterrey, Mexico. As part of my bachelor, I also studied abroad at the University of Richmond in Virginia, and at the ESCP Europe in Berlin, Germany (ja, ich kann auch Deutsch).

Besides that, I have countless stories about ecommerce, buying and selling stuff from/to all over the world.

  • I've flipped domains with >60x returns
  • I had an ecommerce business called IluminadoraMexicana that generated ~$100k in revenue during 2 years while I was in college.
  • I bought my first car on eBay (my brother picked it up in Kentucky and drove more than 1,000 miles back to Mexico, thanks Sergio).
  • I once bought two auctions on eBay for $500 which I sold for more than $8k - since that day eBay is the default website on my browser instead of Google.
  • I sold engraved Oak Tequila barrels internationally (Germany, US, Australia, Turkey)
  • I sold things from the Dollar Store online for some time (seeing people in a bidding war for an item that is worth $1 and has the same value as starting price of the auction = priceless)


Staytuned App Website

Website using responsive design, multiple languages and stylish animations

Visit the site at

Best Lock Screen

Website with information about lock screen applications for Android

Visit the site at

(N/A anymore)

Staytuned App Website

Website using responsive design, multiple languages and stylish animations

Visit the site at

Staytuned App

Mobile app using material design

Visit the site at

Staytuned App Wearable Concepts

Concepts for android smart watches for Staytuned

Visit the site at


I am easy to find at cafes or restaurants in Palo Alto (or any other place with wifi). Besides that, I'm available pretty much 24/7 on my email. If you need to find me, thats the best way to do it.

Palo Alto, CA